Kelly Challenger

    Marketing and the Customer Experience

    Author: Kelly Challenger On: June 01 Categories: customer experience No Comments

    All for one, and one for all

    Earlier this year in my blog post, Client Engagement and the Marketing Super Hero, I wrote about marketing and the overall role we play - and can play - in helping...

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    How Customer Satisfaction Surveys Impact Your Business

    Author: Kelly Challenger On: May 18 Categories: customer retention No Comments

    How often do we run into customer satisfaction surveys? Especially the type that poke into our consumer minds. It's constant. But it makes you wonder how much value these surveys are actually...

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    Compliant or Committed to Your Customer Engagement?

    Author: Kelly Challenger On: May 11 Categories: ISO 9001 Compliance No Comments


    The Chicken or the Pig?

    At salesEQUITY we’re in the business of helping other businesses conduct their business – successfully. After all, we are a B2B customer experience management tool....

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    ISO 9001 Compliant With Your Customer Satisfaction Survey?

    Author: Kelly Challenger On: May 01 Categories: ISO 9001 Compliance No Comments


    Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

    I often find myself quoting the late, great, Mr. Rogers (paraphrase) "’s OK to be angry, it’s what you do with your anger that matters". At salesEQUITY, we have a...

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    Customer Satisfaction Surveys Don't Have to Be Scary

    Author: Kelly Challenger On: October 31 Categories: customer feedback No Comments

    Why Engaging in a Customer Satisfaction Initiative Can Lead to Sustainable Growth

    I'm all for taking advantage of an occasion in order to make my point. (The Canadian in me refuses to refer to...

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    Client Engagement and the Marketing Super Hero

    Author: Kelly Challenger On: August 24 Categories: customer success No Comments

    Alignment is Key

    Very early in my career a good friend of mine gave me what was unbeknownst to him, an incredibly valuable piece of advice, if you’re going to be in marketing align yourself as...

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    Satisfier or Motivator - what's your relationship climate?

    Author: Kelly Challenger On: July 27 Categories: customer loyalty No Comments


    If you’re like me, you get phone calls and/or emails from people trying to sell you something every day. Every. Day. But last week, something very interesting happened – my phone rang, I...

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    Trusted Advisor Award Honors Barrett Distribution Centers for Best Practice Client Engagement

    Author: Kelly Challenger On: July 18 Categories: B2B Sales No Comments



    At salesEQUITY we talk a lot about creating a Trusted Advisor relationship with your clients. Maybe you’ve asked yourself, what is a Trusted...

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    Client Engagement - Let's Get a Little Closer

    Author: Kelly Challenger On: July 12 Categories: client engagement No Comments


    For many years, companies relied on customer satisfaction surveys to get some form of external validation on their products and services. In the last few years, efforts to understand the...

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    How Mature Are You, Really?

    Author: Kelly Challenger On: July 06 Categories: customer loyalty No Comments


    Let the salesEQUITY Maturity Model kick start your client engagement journey

    If you’ve considered, or are considering, embarking on a client engagement improvement initiative the salesEQUITY...

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