Scott German

    How Overcoming Fear In Sales Doesn't Have To Be Scary

    Author: Scott German On: August 10 Categories: Sales Development No Comments

    Overcoming your fears is tough. No doubt about it. Overcoming fear in sales is a tough business for salespeople. It’s one of the biggest reasons why sales folks are weary to enter sales. Building ...

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    5 Customer Retention Stats That Will Knock Your Socks Off

    Learning how to create customer retention is a vital skill that we must all master. How sales data gets interpreted is different for everyone, but whatever the case, we must learn to create a...

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    How The Right Sales Employee Can Cultivate Growth

    Author: Scott German On: July 20 Categories: B2B No Comments

    Hiring a sales employee is a tricky task. Your sales team represents the company and handle growth, retention, and keep your clients happy. How can you ensure that this new hire will take care of...

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    Finding A Solution To Your CRM Frustration

    Author: Scott German On: July 01 Categories: customer experience No Comments

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems get a lot of praises and are regularly accepted as a necessity for any successful business. They are designed to help you organize information and...

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    Social Selling Can Rock Your Customer Retention Strategy

    Author: Scott German On: June 22 Categories: Social Selling No Comments

    This is not another post about using social media to develop your business. This post won't give you a strategy to gain followers. This is about social selling. Let's focus on how you can use...

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    How Netflix Makes Money With Its Customer Experience

    Author: Scott German On: May 04 Categories: business strategy No Comments

    The arrival of Netflix dawned the beginning of monumental behavioral change for many of us. Since its arrival, we no longer have to deal with late fees, unless we want to. We no longer have to...

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    Grow Your Business: Tips From America’s Top Billionaires

    Author: Scott German On: April 27 Categories: Uncategorized No Comments

    Where would we be if some visionaries dared to dream? Would we find ourselves Apple-less? Would our gadgets be lame? How would the world look? Whatever the case, if you want to become a global...

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    How Your Client Experience Can Rock Like A Barista Does

    Author: Scott German On: March 11 Categories: sales No Comments

    There's something special about where we buy our coffee. The quality of the coffee has something to do with it, but that's not what's driving us to wait in line for that cup. It's about the client...

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    Why Loyal Clients Are Saying The "F Word"

    Author: Scott German On: March 04 Categories: customer experience 2 Comments

    Has any of your loyal clients ever used the “F word” when talking about your product or you? Nothing can feel more embarrassing than hearing a client say they are “fine.” Boy, that can hurt pretty...

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