Tom Cates

    Customer Retention: A Little Goes A Long Way

    I was reminded recently of the Sebastian Junger book, The Perfect Storm. If you’ve not read the book, I highly recommend it. (The movie? Not so much). The book recounts what has since been called,...

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    Brand equity or sales equity. Which do you need?

    Author: Tom Cates On: February 09 Categories: sales equity No Comments


    In mature markets, it is extremely difficult - if not impossible - to get your buyers to perceive excess product equity, and thus no one will pay a premium for the...

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    The Journey To Wow! The Customer Journey Map

    Author: Tom Cates On: December 15 Categories: customer experience No Comments

    Perceptions are Shaped by TouchPoints

    If I were to ask you to describe a Ferrari, what would you say? Sleek? Fast? Sexy? Stylish? Powerful? Red? Those are the adjectives most of us would use to...

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    Why Customer Experience Can't Get No Satisfaction

    Author: Tom Cates On: November 16 Categories: customer satisfaction No Comments

    And oh how it tries, but the customer experience can't get any satisfaction simply because the world lives for today. Meaning, we’re more concentrated on what’s happening right now versus what...

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    What is Sales Equity?

    Author: Tom Cates On: October 06 Categories: client engagement No Comments

    If you’ve been following us on LinkedIn or Twitter you would know salesEQUITY sponsored last week’s INBOUND Conference here in Boston. By and large the number one question asked was, “What is...

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    Why NPS Is Not An Indicator of Happy Clients

    Author: Tom Cates On: September 13 Categories: customer experience No Comments

    John Kelly, Managing Director at ADEPT Customer Experience, nails one of the biggest issues that Net Promoter Score (NPS) has, in his LinkedIn Pulse article. He simply states:

    The point then, is...

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    Run Your Sales Training Like An NFL Training Camp

    Author: Tom Cates On: August 10 Categories: sales management No Comments

    With fall right around the corner, and training camps in full swing, it's a football fan's favorite time of year: football watching and buffalo wing eating season! Still we can't help but think of...

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    Measuring Customer Loyalty Before A Client Flies Away

    Author: Tom Cates On: September 25 Categories: client engagement No Comments

    True customer loyalty is not a vague or intangible emotion. It is a definable and manageable motivator of human behavior that crosses all cultural, social, and economic boundaries, and exists in...

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    Sales Integrity Part 3: How To Build A Sales Team With Integrity

    Author: Tom Cates On: May 26 Categories: customer loyalty No Comments

    There is one sales attribute a good sales team should never be without. Do you have an idea what that is? Here's a hint, it involves being dependable. We're talking about integrity. Without it,...

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    Sales Integrity Part 2: Creating Sales Growth Your Team Will Love

    Author: Tom Cates On: May 19 Categories: client relationships No Comments

    Creating sales growth for your sales team is essential on many levels. But mainly, you want to build and manage a team of salespeople who are happy with their work because selling takes skill, and...

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