3 Reasons Why You Want To Become A Trusted Advisor

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    What is a client relationship? And how do we define it? How to you build customer loyalty? Is it just a hollow agreement between two parties? Because strong client relationships are not hollow. They are about equal partnership that radiates trust and care. You don't earn your stripes by building short-term relationships. Relationships don't transition into long-term relationships when clients are just "fine" and have nothing else to say, but when you've earned a client's trust they'll have plenty to say. To earn this trust, you must become a Trusted Advisor.

    You Want Your Clients To See You As A Trusted Advisor

    If you don't know by now, a Trusted Advisor is someone who puts their clients interests before their own. They build strong relationships with their clients through integrity and competency. They don't just sell. They build invaluable connections with their clients. Clients may even refer to them as their "Joe."

    So who the heck is "Joe"? Well, "Joe" is the reason that there is even a relationship to begin with. Meaning, without "Joe" working side-by-side with his client there would be no business being conducted. Without the integrity and competency of this salesperson, and a combination of other dimensions the relationship wouldn't last the test of time.

    When clients stick around for the long run, it's because 3 client relationship goals are being met.

    1. Earning The Share Of Their Wallet

    One of the greatest rewards you can earn in sales is by increasing your revenue growth through an existing client.  By working hard to build and nurture client relationships the potential to earn 2.5 times more share of their wallet goes up once Trusted Advisor status is achieved. You'll earn more business if there's a strong relationship.

    2. Managing Margins

    The stronger a relationship gets, then the higher your revenue margins will be. Managing relationships effectively pays off in the long run, because the opportunity to cross-sell clients increases. If the relationship isn't seen as one of a Trusted Advisor, then it won't experience the kind of revenue growth and commitment necessary to become a rewarding experience. Period.

    3. Improving Customer Retention

    Having an 85% retention rate sounds pretty good, right? It means that your clients stick around for an average of 7 years, but if you lose 15% of your clients every year without acquiring any, then you'll be out of business. And if you manage to survive somehow, you'll be fighting to barely break even, that's if acquisition costs don't bury you first.

    Why It All Maters

    salesEQUITY once saved a $6 million relationship, by helping an account manager realize that their client's relationship was very Transactional. A simple intervention saved the account manager's client from preparing to seek out other competitors. Years later, we're proud to say that this relationship grew into one of a Trusted Advisor.

    The truth is long-term customers are more profitable than newly acquired ones are. Given your industry and situation, achieving long-term profitability happens more effectively through managing your client relationships with greater care.

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