Customer Satisfaction Surveys Don't Have to Be Scary

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    Customer Satisfaction Survey Tools

    Why Engaging in a Customer Satisfaction Initiative Can Lead to Sustainable Growth

    I'm all for taking advantage of an occasion in order to make my point. (The Canadian in me refuses to refer to Halloween as a "holiday"). So, in this vain, and in the spirit of Halloween, I thought it only fitting to write about something many of us at salesEQUITY have been hearing a lot about lately, and that's the idea of executing a customer insight initiative and receiving feedback as being "scary", "overwhelming" or "just too much work for so few resources". 

    Overcoming fear is tough, there's no doubt about it. Overcoming fear in the B2B world is also tough business for just about everyone who has customer-facing responsibilities. Building customer relationships is an intimidating thing to do when you’re starting off in sales; after all, it’s a big part of what selling is all about. In marketing, it’s equally intimidating asking your customer to approve a quote, press release, or that ever illusive (and often repeated) request for a reference. How many times can you ask the same customer to be a reference before you put the relationship at risk?

    The above paragraph, taken in part from Tom Cates, our CEO and Chief Storyteller's upcoming book, really does speak volumes to the challenges facing many organizations today.

    it's the right thing to do

    Initiating and executing an effective customer satisfaction survey doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it's the right thing to do to help you understand the critical difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty (hint, one doesn't equate the other). While we often hear, “we should be doing that”, “I’m not sure where to begin”, or the ever popular, “I’m not sure I want to know what my clients are thinking”, implementing an effective strategy is a must for any organization that can (and will) significantly fuel your sales and marketing engines. Intelligently using customer-feedback data across multiple business units will increase engagement, boost revenue, as well as the overall customer experience.

    If you’re organization is like most, you’re either starting your 2018 planning, or its very much on the radar screen. Executing a customer satisfaction survey now will allow you to take advantage of this feedback data for planning purposes and ultimately be a big win. Which customers offer the best opportunity for a case study? Who can you upsell or cross-sell to? Who are your customers at risk for churn? The answers to these questions will now become very apparent. To uncover this data, however you’ll want a solution that offers pre-built survey templates - this will get you up and running quickly, as often the first obstacle is knowing what questions to ask. Most solutions offer 3rd-party integration to your CRM or marketing automation platform, this ensures all your customer data is in one location. Additionally, 360 degree comparisons, an action-planning tools, a robust content engine, list management, scoring and real-time visibility through cloud-based dashboard are all features and benefits that will go a long way to ensuring a successful program execution.



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