How Overcoming Fear In Sales Doesn't Have To Be Scary

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    Overcoming your fears is tough. No doubt about it. Overcoming fear in sales is a tough business for salespeople. It’s one of the biggest reasons why sales folks are weary to enter sales. Building client relationships is an intimidating thing to do when you’re starting off in sales. After all, it’s a big part of what selling is all about. And while everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, selling takes some getting use to. Becoming comfortable with interacting with prospects is a must, there’s no way around it. You need a good sales pitch to help you get over your fear of selling. When you’re dealing with such a high volume of making sales calls the last thing you want is to create an awkward moment, especially if you waited all day to get someone on the phone.

    5 Tips For Overcoming Fear In Sales:

    1. The Sweet Sound Of Rejection

    When searching for new leads, salespeople often hear the word “no,” on occasion. That’s a big part of the fun when it comes to building sales leads. You must learn to overcome the sweet sound of rejection. And you do so by hitting a bullseye on the reason or reasons you’re being rejected. A clever salesperson will incorporate this into their sales pitch.

    Interestingly enough, John Mongillo, a seasoned salesmen and blogger at AllBusiness, wrote an insightful piece on putting a mental spin on the word “no.” John highlights how an imaginary sales prospecting opportunity should go when faced with rejection.

    “That’s too bad, Bill. I thought this was a great way for you to see an ROI. Let me leave you my name and number should things change on your end.”

    Classic. A deliberate way to politely nudge your prospect. The bottom line is, it’s not the rejection that matters, it’s what you do with it that does. Behavioral science brainchild and author to 5 provocative books, Derek Lidlow, will tell you:

    Be Cool, And Always Stay Cool In Sales

    Overcoming fear in sales requires salespeople to learn how to stay cool. At any moment, anything can happen, and a good salesperson is ready to provide their service with viable solutions. It’s not easy keeping your cool when you're under pressure, not everyone deals with it the same way. But you have to find a way that allows you to keep your composure when you’re on the hook. Do your best to stay objective. Don’t take it personally when a prospecting call or client puts you on the spot about a particular service your product offers. Be the person that stays cool. Handle your interactions with care. You may not feel the logic behind it at that moment, but your cool won’t go unnoticed. People do appreciate this kind of customer service.

    Don’t Fear Rude People

    Let’s be honest with each other, not every sales call or client interaction is going to go over smoothly. You’re going to have to look rudeness in the eye and put a band aid of kindness on it. Sure, rude prospects or clients can be extremely hard to deal with at first. You’re going to have to learn to accept this, and become an agent of customer awesomeness. That’s right. When someone splashes rudeness in your face, you splash them back with awesomeness. The type of awesomeness that handles customer service with a smile and hands their prospect or client a coca-cola so they can have a smile too.

    SalesLoft will tell you:

    Preparing For The Unknown With The Right Messaging

    People often talk about developing a great elevator pitch in sales. Sure, that approach does work, but the kicker is you got to get off the ground first. You’re going to need rocket fuel to get off the ground. Part of tackling the unknown when developing a sales pitch involves understanding the messaging you want to use to market your product. Best piece of advice here, learn your product inside and out. If you have to, get after your marketing people to create the kind of marketing material that has the messaging you’ve field-tested and proven that works. After all, who better to know about being in the trenches than you?

    Facing Your Fear Of Being Too Passive

    You can’t be in sales if you don’t learn to overcome your fear of being too passive and not aggressive enough. You have to learn how to balance between the two. Selling is a lot like a tug of war contest. Expect your prospects and leads to tug back during the process, but you need to apply more energy than they do to win. You want to send them over the white line, but not in a manner that sends them flying face-first into a pool of mud. They'll remember that. Sales expert and coach, Ross Thoman, explains this perfectly:

    Overcoming Fear In Sales Takes Some Elbow Grease

    If you want to make it in sales, you need to overcome your fear of selling. You need to learn how to take steps to overcoming fear in sales. Gene Hammett, a strategic business mentor, offers some solid advice on how to do so. Don’t let fear become you. After all, if you’ve seen Star Wars, you would know that fear leads to the path of the dark side. Don’t let yourself go down that road. Work on your sales confidence if your want to see the right kind of sales performance that gets you earning hefty sales commissions.

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