How The Right Sales Employee Can Cultivate Growth

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    Hiring a sales employee is a tricky task. Your sales team represents the company and handle growth, retention, and keep your clients happy. How can you ensure that this new hire will take care of your clients? Will they attract new clients efficiently? Many sales leaders focus on two types of sales reps, farmers or hunters. Hunters are great for bringing in new leads. Farmers excel in growing revenue via client relationships. Both have powerful qualities and are important to your business. Which type of character traits amount to the sales employee for you?

    Hunters Are Hungry For Growth

    Sellers are natural hunters and love to find their next whale. They are experts in inserting themselves into a business. Hunters find new opportunities. They are even experts at closing. These sales reps quickly create an environment for a potential client. This environment shows a need for your product or service. They focus to find solutions to the customer's objections. Hunters even sell the future value of the product or service. To create success, the seller must be persistent, have charisma and be savvy.

    These employees are great at what they do. Asking them eat what they kill can be a challenge. At this point, they are ready to hunt again. A hunter is excellent for business growth. He helps when trying to add new customers to your business. SalesLoft has found that these go-getters, sadly, have a turnover rate of 30-35%. So while closing they can help you but you run a high risk of them leaving. They could even take their clients with them.


    Farmers Cultivate Loyalty

    Farmers, on the other hand, take a different approach. They ensure their customers are satisfied with what they purchased. Farmers are more interested in the long-term look and the lifetime value of this customer to the company. The customer is may initially be there for the product or service. Surprisingly, they stay for the experience. The farmer has a chemistry with the client. This adds value to the relationship. They are proactive and predict how they can better service the clients. Farmers know what other aspects the client may need. They must be competent and have the integrity. This creates higher level conversations, which includes problem-solving. The clients must feel your seller understands their business. They feel you have their best interest at heart. Farmers must recognize the value of their relationship. They can then demonstrate the importance to their clients.

    These characteristics will make the customer feel informed, valued, and confident. They will become loyal customers. They will even rely on your sales reps to help them when new needs arise. The character traits needed for a farmer transform an employee from a transactional seller to a trusted advisor. That leads to 3x more revenue than any other seller type.

    B2B Needs Both For Their Sales Employee

    Farmers and hunters are both valuable for your company. Each has their place in your business.  When looking for a new sales employee make sure you understand what type of person you are hiring. Also know what goals you are looking to accomplish. Make sure this person can multitask and prioritize. They need to be able to accomplish both areas. In B2B, it’s imperative that you have someone that will grow your client base and sustain it. Make sure that you find sales reps that will go beyond for your clients. Give your employees the support and tools they need to be successful.

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