How To Sell On Twitter Without Driving People Crazy

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    How to Sell on Twitter

    Driving people crazy is easy. Selling on Twitter isn't. If you want to learn how to sell on Twitter, then listen to some advice from a guy who knows how to get your social party trending. As a social media goober, it's hard to imagine that there's an entire generation of people that have never known the world without Facebook. Still, the days of AOL Instant Messenger haven't been erased from my memory. Yes, I just referenced AOL. 

    If you're one of the individuals leading the charge for your Twitter marketing strategy, then it's up to you to be socially savvy. By 2017, U.S. B2B marketers are estimated to spend over $100 billion in social media advertising. That's insane! But why so much spending on social? Well, 54% of B2B marketers are generating social leads. About 80% of marketers have experienced an increase in website traffic due to their social efforts. So how does this all tie into your efforts on Twitter?

    Learning How To Sell Through Engagement

    Don't let the pressure of advertising on Twitter get to you because that's what the cool kids are doing. Honestly, in general, advertising doesn't work for everyone. Now, it's a good way to generate brand awareness or product awareness. But, depending on your B2B sales cycle, you may have to spend more than you need to before you can generate a decent lead. My point is, don't just use Twitter advertising as your only means to generating leads.

    5 Social Media Engagement Tactics That Work

    As a social goober that once ran a trendy chat, believe me when I say this, Twitter's heart and soul is built on social engagement. Live tweeting is gold. Automating your entire social efforts on Twitter is toxic. It's ok if you automate sharing certain links, like blog articles. Just don't send folks automated "Thank you for following me" messages. Have you heard of spam? Nobody enjoys it. Period. But here's what you need to be doing instead:

    1. Start Writing Tweets Like The Adult You Are

    Learn how to write a quick and easy-to-read tweets that will put some eyeballs on your content. You should get into the habit of writing your tweets within a 100 characters. Make sure to write a catchy headline, followed by a shortened bit.ly link. Include 3 hashtags inside your tweets. Preferably after your link, unless there's a hashtag that ties into your tweet. This will increase your visibility and clicks.

    2. Learn How To Create Value From Listening To Social Chatter

    Which do you think is more effective, running a direct message spam campaign that introduces strangers to your product or starting a conversation with someone talking about a topic that ties into your business? Look for opportunities to join a social conversation or create one. Depending on your business, offer people a free sample or trial if they'll share a social review of it. The idea is to create action from your social engagements.

    3. Try Joining Some Social Chats

    There's a ton of value in doing this. It's a great way to engage with social influencers and anyone you may consider a potential lead. Depending on the popularity of the chat, it's a cheap and effective way to generating brand awareness for free. 

    4. Build Lists With A Real Purpose

    The thing with Twitter lists they aren't useful unless you create a real purpose for them. You can create a list to monitor competitors and their social efforts. Use lists to track businesses that you want to target. Get on their social radar. Find out who's socially active in a company your monitoring. Talk to them, but don't be focused on talking business right away. Let your conversation be your pitch. Remember, people buy from people they trust.

    5. Live Tweet Conference Hashtags

    It doesn't matter if your organization is attending the conference or not. Tweet while you have the eyeballs following the conference's hashtag. And if you must, steal your competitors thunder from them. Offer some prizes to people who tweet your handle during the conference. Make it fun. Tell people tweet their funniest selfie for a chance to win something of value, while answering a question that relates to a solution you offer.

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