How Your Client Experience Can Rock Like A Barista Does

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    There's something special about where we buy our coffee. The quality of the coffee has something to do with it, but that's not what's driving us to wait in line for that cup. It's about the client experience we go through. From how the baristas engage with us, remember our favorite orders and brew our coffee just the way we like it. The price of that cup seems to matter less every time, and we even forget that a transaction took place because it's not just another purchase.

    The relationships we've built with our local baristas act as bridges between coffee brands and our taste buds. The client experience they provide is what separates their brew from the rest. At times, I find myself ordering a coffee so that I can catch up with how the baristas are doing. I've even helped one of them find his laptop on Craigslist. Occasionally, I'll get invited to play a pickup game of soccer. Most organizations cannot buy this kind of client relationship because it is not transactional. My customer loyalty is not build through pricing and flavor. I'm a customer because I love the experience.

    Great Baristas Don't Just Sell Coffee

    Meaning, they don't sell a product, nor push it on us. They provide a trusting relationship, enough if they recommend a new coffee we don't blink twice before ordering it. That motivates us as customers to remember the good times and come back for more. That's when you know as a barista that you're not just brewing coffee; you're brewing equity. When you build relationships with your customers they trust you and what it is, you are offering. Completing a purchase doesn't feel forced or transactional, the experience makes it personal.

    Salespeople Should Focus On The Client Experience

    When you think about where you buy your coffee from, it's not hard to figure out why. The baristas make you feel valued and in good hands. They are building trust with their customers. You can't have established equity without trust, as relationships cannot last without it. We all know sales needs to focus on building relationships. Being more relationship driven towards your clients builds invaluable personal equity that a transactional approach cannot offer. We call this the “client experience”.

    Be The Barista People Care About

    When customers continue to come back, it's because they see the value in what you're providing them. But also, there's a sense of loyalty there. They care because you've shown them that you care and are looking out for their best interests. For a Barista, it is as simple as recognizing customers by their first name or how they like their coffee. Be the barista that customers care about and know. Remember, customers aren't just buying a cup of coffee. They are paying for the experience & your expertise that comes along with your product offering. Focus less on the transactional aspect of business (product features, pricing, etc.), and more on your clients’ business challenges and the kind of help you can offer them. It's the relationship that matters the most.

    So What Kind Of Client Experience Do You Want Your Customers To Have?


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