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    Satisfier or Motivator - what's your relationship climate?

    Author: Kelly Challenger On: July 27 Categories: customer loyalty No Comments


    If you’re like me, you get phone calls and/or emails from people trying to sell you something every day. Every. Day. But last week, something very interesting happened – my phone rang, I...

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    Trusted Advisor Award Honors Barrett Distribution Centers for Best Practice Client Engagement

    Author: Kelly Challenger On: July 18 Categories: B2B Sales No Comments



    At salesEQUITY we talk a lot about creating a Trusted Advisor relationship with your clients. Maybe you’ve asked yourself, what is a Trusted...

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    Client Engagement - Let's Get a Little Closer

    Author: Kelly Challenger On: July 12 Categories: client engagement No Comments


    For many years, companies relied on customer satisfaction surveys to get some form of external validation on their products and services. In the last few years, efforts to understand the...

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    How Mature Are You, Really?

    Author: Kelly Challenger On: July 06 Categories: customer loyalty No Comments


    Let the salesEQUITY Maturity Model kick start your client engagement journey

    If you’ve considered, or are considering, embarking on a client engagement improvement initiative the salesEQUITY...

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    Uncover 33% Growth with Your Current Customer Base

    Author: Kelly Challenger On: June 29 Categories: B2B Sales No Comments


    Learn How to Unlock the Potential of Your Client Relationships and Grow Revenue Thursday, July 13 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ET / 11:00...

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    3 Reasons Why You Want To Become A Trusted Advisor

    Author: Scott German On: June 28 Categories: trusted advisor No Comments

    What is a client relationship? And how do we define it? How to you build customer loyalty? Is it just a hollow agreement between two parties? Because strong client relationships are not hollow....

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    Why B2B Client Relationships Are Misunderstood

    Author: Scott German On: May 06 Categories: b2b client relationships 2 Comments

    B2B client relationships are more delicate than businesses understand and know. Over the past couple of years, we have seen a rapid growth of B2B companies that promise they offer the tools to...

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    The Customer Success Guide For B2B Sales Managers

    What is Customer Success? And why should it matter to sales managers? Well, 71% of global B2B customers are actively disengaged, based on Gallup's research of 18 million customers, which means...

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    Preparing The Next Generation of B2B Buyers and Sellers

    Author: Scott German On: April 04 Categories: business strategy No Comments

    As baby–boomers approach retirement age, the composition of America’s B2B workforce will radically change and soon, as the next generation of B2B buyers and sellers look to make their mark.

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    How To Sell On Twitter Without Driving People Crazy

    Author: Scott German On: October 12 Categories: building customer relationships No Comments

    Driving people crazy is easy. Selling on Twitter isn't. If you want to learn how to sell on Twitter, then listen to some advice from a guy who knows how to get your social party trending. As a...

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