The Customer Success Guide For B2B Sales Managers

    What is Customer Success? And why should it matter to sales managers? Well, 71% of global B2B customers are actively disengaged, based on Gallup's research of 18 million customers, which means...

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    Preparing The Next Generation of B2B Buyers and Sellers

    Author: Scott German On: April 04 Categories: business strategy No Comments

    As baby–boomers approach retirement age, the composition of America’s B2B workforce will radically change and soon, as the next generation of B2B buyers and sellers look to make their mark.

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    How To Sell On Twitter Without Driving People Crazy

    Author: Scott German On: October 12 Categories: building customer relationships No Comments

    Driving people crazy is easy. Selling on Twitter isn't. If you want to learn how to sell on Twitter, then listen to some advice from a guy who knows how to get your social party trending. As a...

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    Is Your Sales Strategy SaaS-y Or Is It Getting People Fired?

    Author: Scott German On: October 05 Categories: sales strategy No Comments

    Look, if your sales strategy isn't sassy, you'll never get the attention of the eyeballs you need. Plus, it'll start to get people fired. And that's bad for growth, and more importantly, employee...

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    Measuring Customer Loyalty Before A Client Flies Away

    Author: Tom Cates On: September 25 Categories: client engagement No Comments

    True customer loyalty is not a vague or intangible emotion. It is a definable and manageable motivator of human behavior that crosses all cultural, social, and economic boundaries, and exists in...

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    How Overcoming Fear In Sales Doesn't Have To Be Scary

    Author: Scott German On: August 10 Categories: Sales Development No Comments

    Overcoming your fears is tough. No doubt about it. Overcoming fear in sales is a tough business for salespeople. It’s one of the biggest reasons why sales folks are weary to enter sales. Building ...

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    5 Customer Retention Stats That Will Knock Your Socks Off

    Learning how to create customer retention is a vital skill that we must all master. How sales data gets interpreted is different for everyone, but whatever the case, we must learn to create a...

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    How The Right Sales Employee Can Cultivate Growth

    Author: Scott German On: July 20 Categories: B2B No Comments

    Hiring a sales employee is a tricky task. Your sales team represents the company and handle growth, retention, and keep your clients happy. How can you ensure that this new hire will take care of...

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    Finding A Solution To Your CRM Frustration

    Author: Scott German On: July 01 Categories: customer experience No Comments

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems get a lot of praises and are regularly accepted as a necessity for any successful business. They are designed to help you organize information and...

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    Social Selling Can Rock Your Customer Retention Strategy

    Author: Scott German On: June 22 Categories: Social Selling No Comments

    This is not another post about using social media to develop your business. This post won't give you a strategy to gain followers. This is about social selling. Let's focus on how you can use...

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