Satisfier or Motivator - what's your relationship climate?

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    If you’re like me, you get phone calls and/or emails from people trying to sell you something every day. Every. Day. But last week, something very interesting happened – my phone rang, I answered it, and in a very short period the sales person on the other end had successfully scheduled a meeting with me. Yes, with me. (I’m a hard nut to crack.) Fast forward a week later and not only am I still thinking about it, I'm also writing about it. So what was it about this call that set it apart from every other sales call I've had? She was savvy.


    We talk a lot about the relationship climate with a buyer and the 6 dimensions of a Trusted Advisor here at salesEQUITY, but what does that mean? Well, the first two: Integrity and Competency are the basics. When it comes to doing your job, it’s your responsibility to demonstrate integrity. Integrity comes from being transparent and following through on your commitments to your clients. Competency on the other hand is the ying to Integrity’s yang - showing a sound ability to deliver on the product and/or service you're selling. You get no extra points, no annual merit increase, or bonus for this. It's what's known as doing your job. Having said that, once your contact knows you can do your job, then you can start learning how they do their job. This is what we call Motivators.


    Motivators are aspects about you, your product and/or service that motivate a buyer to want to continue doing business with you. There are four: Recognition, Proactivity, Savvy, Chemistry. The buyer perceives you, and the product you represent, as noticeably better than the competition. If you want to break out of the pack you must be become a master of these Motivators; continually measure and improve in order to better understand the mind of your buyer.

    My favorite of the four Motivators? Savvy. It’s not enough you understand your business and how to do your job; do you understand mine? What set the person apart last week from all the others? She was savvy. Confident but not obnoxious. She understood my business and the challenges I face without throwing-up marketing buzzwords all over me. She was genuine - not phony; and let’s face it, no one likes phony.


    It may seem like a lot – 6 Dimensions, Satisfiers and Motivators, establishing a Trusted Advisor relationship – but it’s not. If, like the person who called me last week, you understand what motivates your client and their value to your business, then it’s not hard. It’s good business.

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