Sales Integrity Part 1: Improving Your Sales Team's Perception

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    Why does improving your sales team through integrity matter? Well, ask yourself, "How do I build trust without integrity?" You don't. Period. Every organization and its employees, especially the sales team needs to have integrity. It tells customers whether or not your brand is trustworthy. How your salespeople manage their integrity levels determines how customers perceive them, your product or service, and the organization's brand. People want to believe you're Mr. Reliable. Can you imagine where Amazon would be if it had no integrity?

    Without integrity, Amazon would have never been able to build its shipping empire. As consumers, we buy from Amazon because we know their handling of shipping goods is dependable. Every time they ship something out, the product arrives in a timely fashion and usually in one piece unless it requires assembling. What makes Amazon's integrity special is that they allow us to predict how they are going to behave. Whether it's by allowing us to track our shipped goods, read reviews, and contact sellers. Amazon gets it.

    Why Improving Your Sales Team Integrity Matters

    B2B customers want to trust who they buy from. They don't want to have to worry about whether or not a sales professional or an account manager can do their job. Your salespeople have to deliver with integrity. And in order to do so, transparency plays a huge role in building this relationship dimension. Remember, people like looking at a clear picture. They expect you to be honest and open with them.

    Did you know that it takes 12 positive customer experiences to add up to 1 unresolved negative experience? Essentially, what this tell us is that it takes 12 good deeds to build integrity when it's lost. About 70% of buying experiences are impacted by how a customer felt they were being treated. Customers should always be a sales manager's best friend because, on average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times more than their 1st purchase.

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    Having Sales Integrity Taps Into A Bigger Picture

    How you want to define your sales team's integrity is up to you, but understand your team won't get very far without it. How people perceive your sellers tells a story, the kind that you don't want making its way to a larger audience. You want your salespeople to develop a reputation for being dependable and putting their clients best interest at heart. Improving your sales team by developing it's sales integrity puts them down the path of becoming a Trusted Advisor, which earn 2.5 times more share of wallet than Transactional Sellers.

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