Sales Integrity Part 2: Creating Sales Growth Your Team Will Love

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    Creating sales growth for your sales team is essential on many levels. But mainly, you want to build and manage a team of salespeople who are happy with their work because selling takes skill, and so does managing customer relationships. It all plays into how your clients view your sales team and how much they're willing to spend on you, which can be a difference maker or a haymaker. If you didn't notice already, this is our 2nd story on how improving your sales team's integrity matters more than you probably know. So you're welcome to catch up or keep on reading!

    Part of realizing why your sales team's integrity does matter comes from understanding the sales revenue opportunities that are being missing. When your clients think your salespeople or account managers are reliable, then their behavior starts to change. This type of change is measurable in your annual sales revenue. When a client believes their salesperson is a Trusted Advisor, then their 1st call and last look increases by 9 times. Clients also get attached and stick around 4 times longer. Having a Trusted Advisor around translates to a client increasing their spending by 3.5 times.

    What's Creating Sales Growth Worth To You?

    What if I told you that you could improve your sales revenue by 33%? Simply by learning how to measure what your clients feel about your salespeople. Would you be curious to try and learn how? Sometimes, creating sales growth through customer acquisition isn't always the best or easiest path to head down. By focusing on building better customer relationships through sales integrity, then you can start to find the kind of measurable results that translate to increased sales revenue. After all, integrity plays into customer satisfaction, which when done right turns happy customers into motivated buyers.

    Finding that extra 33% in sales growth involves taking an inside look at how your clients perceive your salespeople. I like to measure and analyze customer perception by categorizing it into 4 customer relationship levels, which are: Trusted Advisor, Predisposed, Transactional, and Antagonistic. Each relationship level plays a pivotal role in assessing how much your clients are willing to spend on you, and if they are getting ready to walk out the door. Improving your team's sales integrity helps boost their relationship levels with their clients.

    What A 33% Shift In Growth Looks Like

    There's a much more cost-effective approach to generating sales. By changing what clients think about your sales team, then you can create sales growth as big as 33% from your current customer relationships.

    Small Shift

    You can find additional revenue from your current customer base that's more cost-effective and willing to buy from you. Having sales integrity is a good thing, and it comes with financial benefits.

    Next Week, We’ll Share Part 3 Of Our Sales Integrity Blog Series. We’ll Be Covering The Best Practices For Creating Sales Integrity.

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