Sales Integrity Part 3: How To Build A Sales Team With Integrity

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    There is one sales attribute a good sales team should never be without. Do you have an idea what that is? Here's a hint, it involves being dependable. We're talking about integrity. Without it, your customers will see right through your salespeople. You'll never be able to build customer loyalty with them if your salespeople don't have integrity because their client relationships will be lacking trust. Maybe you'll have satisfied customers, but they'll never be loyal, which makes your product or service easily replaceable.

    When you don't have sales integrity, you don't have customer loyalty, and that means your sales growth opportunities are virtually non-existent within your current customer base. When you have reliable sellers they create trust in a seller and buyer relationship, which leads the charge in up-selling and cross-selling your clients. How your sales team interacts with customers on a daily basis can impact their potential sales revenue. Building a healthy relationship climate is vital to managing this outcome because it also determines how clients perceive sellers to be Transactional or a Trusted Advisor.

    Defining What Your Sales Team's Integrity Is

    Having sales integrity means being someone your customers can trust. Integrity is a relationship climate dimension that we believe and know is a customer satisfier. But how do you define it?

    Sales Integrity

    To define what sales integrity means to your sales team, you have to start taking leadership steps to coaching your salespeople to success.

    What The Road To Building Sales Integrity Looks Like

    Leadership plays a vital role in creating sales integrity. Research conducted by George Litwin and Robert Stringer, Jr. has shown that changes in leadership practices can lead to changes in Organizational Climate, which is the environment that either creates or crushes employee motivation and improved performance. How your sales team is coached will ultimately impact how customer relationships are developed.

    Customer Loyalty

    To bring out the best in your salespeople, you have to develop management practices that inspire motivation. That means being a leader that leads by example. Acting as a mentor to those who seek it, and coaching your sales team to have the skills they'll need to be successful. Turn sales development into a fun hobby that your team enjoys because there's great value in it.

    Practices That Lead To Better Sales Integrity

    Learning to become a great leader involves becoming a great coach. Your sales team has to learn that there is only one path to building customer loyalty and that's through integrity. They have got to have it. They develop integrity by being taught how to engage with customers better.

    Build Sales Integrity

    By teaching your sales team to take such steps, you'll send them down a path to becoming a Trusted Advisor, which is the reputation you want your salespeople to have. It creates the sales growth opportunities they want.

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