Social Selling Can Rock Your Customer Retention Strategy

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    This is not another post about using social media to develop your business. This post won't give you a strategy to gain followers. This is about social selling. Let's focus on how you can use social outlets to improve the way you engage with clients, strengthen your sales relationships, and acquire prospective customers.

    Platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook allow you to establish trust and authenticity with both current and prospective clients. This authenticity and trust will establish an emotional bond with current clients. It will also intrigue potential customers. Does it have an impact? Well, Bubba Page posted an infographic on Inc. that reported 71% of B2C companies gain new customers from Facebook and 61% of B2B companies use social selling to attract new customers. So, how can you utilize social media to optimize sales?

    Give Your Client Relationships Nourishment With Social Selling

    Social selling is not limited to potential customers; it can also help you strengthen existing relationships. Get in touch with current customers through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This way you can be immediately accessible to clients on multiple channels. Even reference their posts in a conversation. If they post an interesting or informative article, tell them how it intrigued you. These will give you a more personal relationship, which will create trust. You can use these platforms to communicate to your customers that you value them. This communication will bolster your relationships to a new level of customer satisfaction.

    Use Your Brainpower to Enrich Trust

    Social media makes it incredibly easy to share thoughts, photos, and articles on an immense community. You can post interesting articles, photos, infographics, and insight that depict knowledge and understanding of your field. Write an article on another forum. These demonstrate your knowledge and desire for improvement. This strategy will add to your authenticity. Current and prospective clients will become attracted to the knowledge you have on the subject. They will feel that they can trust your expertise. They will turn to you because you have shown credibility.

    Be Your Clients Go-To Resource

    Post content that will answer potential questions for them. Be proactive and make sure their needs are met by predicting what they will require continuing as your client. Their needs should be met by the information posted on your social media accounts. The research will then be easy for the client. If your information is conveniently displayed, he or she will not need to take time searching information from competitors. You can also assist them by making sure you respond to comments on your posts. This will show them that you are always there to inform them. You can help guide them through their learning process. This makes you more trustworthy, reliable, and authentic.

    You Can Fortify Customer Retention With Social

    By connecting with your clients through social outlets, you can give them the extra support that will express their value, show you are trustworthy, and highlight your knowledge. All of these aspects lead to a happy customer. If your customer feels they can count on you as a resource at any time, they will look to you first for information in your field. These social strategies can make your customers satisfied and confident within the client relationship. These strategies will make them rely on you and become loyal clients, improving your customer retention.

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