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    Preparing The Next Generation of B2B Buyers and Sellers

    Author: Scott German On: April 04 Categories: business strategy No Comments

    As baby–boomers approach retirement age, the composition of America’s B2B workforce will radically change and soon, as the next generation of B2B buyers and sellers look to make their mark.

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    How Netflix Makes Money With Its Customer Experience

    Author: Scott German On: May 04 Categories: business strategy No Comments

    The arrival of Netflix dawned the beginning of monumental behavioral change for many of us. Since its arrival, we no longer have to deal with late fees, unless we want to. We no longer have to...

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    Why Your Client Retention Strategy Can Be Your Game Changer

    Author: Tom Cates On: March 26 Categories: business strategy No Comments

    If I ask you right now,” What’s your client retention rate?” What would you say? Would you tell me a percentage? Or would you say it's great or just average? But what I’m more interested in...

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