What Drives Customer Loyalty? Measure Your CX For Starters

    Motivators Behind Customer Loyalty

    True customer loyalty is not a vague or intangible emotion. It is a definable and manageable motivator of human behavior that crosses all cultural, social, and...

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    Is NPS The Answer To The Client Engagement Question?

    Author: Scott German On: October 19 Categories: customer loyalty 1 Comments

    NPS is marketed as a way to measure customer experience and predict future growth. Companies put a lot of resources into monitoring and improving their scores, hoping new customers and improved...

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    Satisfier or Motivator - what's your relationship climate?

    Author: Kelly Challenger On: July 27 Categories: customer loyalty No Comments


    If you’re like me, you get phone calls and/or emails from people trying to sell you something every day. Every. Day. But last week, something very interesting happened – my phone rang, I...

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    How Mature Are You, Really?

    Author: Kelly Challenger On: July 06 Categories: customer loyalty No Comments


    Let the salesEQUITY Maturity Model kick start your client engagement journey

    If you’ve considered, or are considering, embarking on a client engagement improvement initiative the salesEQUITY...

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    Sales Integrity Part 3: How To Build A Sales Team With Integrity

    Author: Tom Cates On: May 26 Categories: customer loyalty No Comments

    There is one sales attribute a good sales team should never be without. Do you have an idea what that is? Here's a hint, it involves being dependable. We're talking about integrity. Without it,...

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