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    Why Your CX Strategy Can Be A Game Changer

    Author: Tom Cates On: August 29 Categories: customer experience, CX, customer retention No Comments

    Every business should take a second to understand the long-term effects of losing clients, because making up lost revenue through client acquisition is not easy, nor as cost-effective as investing...

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    Customer Retention: A Little Goes A Long Way

    I was reminded recently of the Sebastian Junger book, The Perfect Storm. If you’ve not read the book, I highly recommend it. (The movie? Not so much). The book recounts what has since been called,...

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    How Customer Satisfaction Surveys Impact Your Business

    Author: Kelly Challenger On: May 18 Categories: customer retention No Comments

    How often do we run into customer satisfaction surveys? Especially the type that poke into our consumer minds. It's constant. But it makes you wonder how much value these surveys are actually...

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