Why B2B Client Relationships Are Misunderstood

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    B2B Client Relationships Misunderstood

    B2B client relationships are more delicate than businesses understand and know. Over the past couple of years, we have seen a rapid growth of B2B companies that promise they offer the tools to measure “Customer Satisfaction” or “Customer Loyalty.” Unfortunately, those companies misunderstand the point behind measuring client relationships. Simple survey methodologies and net promoter scores don't provide the in-depth feedback required to build successful relationships.

    As Tom Cates, CEO of salesEQUITY often reports – “10 minutes after meeting me, you and I have already formed a relationship. You listen to my words, how I act and respond to you and create a relationship – good or bad”.

    Your B2B Client Relationships Are Tied To The Tools You Use

    The adoption of B2B tools has changed the landscape for how organizations make strategic business decisions that impact their client relationships. Everyone is well aware of the costs associated with client acquisition and churn. So much that companies are actively seeking out solutions that impact their client relationships and the experiences they have with them.

    As Christopher Meyer and Andre Schwager have said, inside their Understanding Customer Experience blog article on Harvard Business Review,

    "A business’s 'experience,' one might say, is its manner of functioning, and a B2B company helps its business customers serve their customers by solving their business problems, just as an effective business-to-consumer company fulfills the personal needs of its customers. In a B2B context, a good experience is not a thrilling one but one that is trouble-free and hence reassuring to those in charge."

    B2B tools should help solve clients business problems and fulfill their personal needs. Your B2B client relationship success is tied to how your business tools provide solutions that matter to your clients. Existing customer satisfaction measurement tools and net promoter scores were never designed to understand this fully.

    Solutions Don't Come From Single Question Surveys

    Historically, B2B Companies might have used traditional market research companies to dig into their satisfaction or loyalty, but what's always been missing is the entire client relationship picture.

    The evolution of client relationships/experience measurement technology arrived with a slew of young companies all determined and capable of providing big data and in-depth analytical tools. Each with easy-to-use dashboards and features capable of monitoring all B2B customer touch points. Like their predecessors, they only measure and analyze a very basic foundation of the genetic makeup that exists inside client relationships with single-question surveys or one-sided relationship surveys.

    Interestingly, the growth of these companies has coincided with the rapid adoption of CRM systems. But in the end, whether it's a customer experience tool or the voice of the customer platform, solutions that are meant to improve client relationships and their understanding of them have to measure and assess what's at the core of successful B2B client relationships.

    How Do You Get To The Core Of A Successful Client Relationship?

    To get to the core, you need to measure both client and seller perception. Otherwise, what's the point of measuring satisfaction or loyalty if client feedback is one-sided? As they say, "There's always two-sides to a story."

    How clients are handled should always depend on their perception of you. Understanding their perception explains why your clients' loyalty is either high or low. Knowing perception is the first step to changing client and seller behavior. We've learned that by breaking down client relationships into 6 relationship dimensions, you're able to see what behaviors are responsible for driving successful client relationships.

    All of this has been made possible by our Customer Experience Platform, which measures b2b client relationships to determine loyalty, and provide relationship solutions curated to your clients' needs. If you feel like learning how to improve your relationships to drive more retention and revenue, then feel free to reach out to us.

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