Why Loyal Clients Are Saying The "F Word"

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    Has any of your loyal clients ever used the “F word” when talking about your product or you? Nothing can feel more embarrassing than hearing a client say they are “fine.” Boy, that can hurt pretty badly. Wait… You didn’t seriously think we were talking about the “F word”? Get your mind out of the gutter and concentrate for a moment on what clients are trying to tell you, that you are AVERAGE.

    Why You Don't Want To Hear, The “F Word"

    When your clients says everything is “fine,” the sound of sirens should automatically go off in your head. But how are we supposed to know that everything isn’t fine? An International Healthcare provider once learned that 72% of the clients they lost the previous year were “satisfied” or “very satisfied.” They learned that keeping their customers satisfied wasn’t sufficient enough to earn their business and customer loyalty. Building loyalty takes more than that.

    Loyal Clients Don’t Use The “F word” Because...

    Loyal clients are more likely to communicate what they are feeling. They seek you out for advice and act as brand ambassadors. They not only trust you, but loyal clients provide you with plenty of value.

    Customer Loyalty Stats

    The longer clients stay with you, then the more opportunities you have to maximize cross-selling, up-selling, and referrals to them. When you’re able to provide clients with value, then it shows in your book of business. When you invest in people, they invest back, that's how healthy relationships work.

    Don't Ignore The "F Word," Do Something About It 

    Don’t just sit there and listen to one of your clients quietly walk out the door. Do something about it! Start by taking a look at some of the tools that specialize in relationship management. You can use a CRM tool to help with this process. You can even learn how to measure client satisfaction. You can try learning what your Net Promoter Score is. Sometimes, it’s as easy as picking up the phone and calling a client to ask them how they’re feeling with your services.

    So Stop "F-ing" This Up

    Don’t ignore what your clients are trying to tell you. Ask yourself, “How can I start to build Trusted Advisor relationships with my clients?” Take the time to nurture client relationships, instead of breaking them. Learn how your product or services are measuring up in their eyes. Don’t forget to learn how your performance is measuring up their expectations. It’s about providing a great customer experience, which if you’re in sales it should be your top priority. 

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